About Sport-Clinic

Sport-Klinika nocą

In our clinic we treat complex diseases and injuries of organs of movement, with particular emphasis on sports injuries.

The Clinic was established in 2002. We specialise in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery (in particular: knee and shoulder reconstruction and repair procedures). By the end of 2011 the Clinic has performed about 8 000 anterior cruciate ligaments arthroscopic reconstruction procedures. We are considered one of the leading medical centres in the country that deal with this type of procedures. The Clinic has also performed about 1500 shoulder arthroscopic reconstruction procedures. We also specialise in knee, hip and shoulder replacement.

We perform surgical procedures reimbursed by the National Health Fund, as well as paid procedure.  We offer 40 patient beds.

We cooperate with the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, and other Polish and foreign scientific institutions. Such cooperation enables us to implement state of the art medical devices, surgical techniques, and pharmaceuticals.

Our Clinic was one of the first in Poland, which developed the use of allogeneic transplantation in multi-ligament joint injuries. In 2004, we were the first in the country to arthroscopicaly transplant cartilage cell cultures using solid substrates. In 2010, we carried out the first Polish operation of allogeneic transplantation of the knee meniscus, which was prepared and developed in Poland.

Here, in the Sports Clinic we use only the latest achievements in the field of safe anaesthesia, using electrical stimulation and ultrasound techniques. Our patients are guaranteed the highest safety and comfort during the treatment. In cooperation with the Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, we were the first medical centre in Silesia which began organising training workshops in the field of regional anaesthesia.

In 2005 we received Ministry of Health accreditation allowing us offer specialisation and internships in orthopaedics and traumatology of the locomotor system. As an organisation registered in the Register of Postgraduate Medical Education, we organise medical training for orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, family doctors, rheumatologists, and paediatricians. We train doctors both from Poland and from Central and Eastern Europe.

"Making movement pleasure - from diagnosis to rehabilitation" - that's our motto. Our priority is the patient's health, and therefore we know how important it is to give them the appropriate amount of time. Our experience, knowledge, and modern and safe surgical techniques, as well as the high standards of postoperative conduct all result in an optimal, short hospital stay. We want each of our patients to be in their full physical activity as soon as possible.